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Dude Rug Yoga Mats & More

Bring the Dude vibe to your room with the Persian Kassbah rug design made famous in The Big Lebowski film, see it printed on these Dude yoga mats, tapestries, duvet covers, and you didn't know you needed them until you saw them; phone cases and spiral notebooks.  Life shouldn't be this good.


I offer the following products for fun.  They are printed by Pixels and made to order (but quickly).  If you click any of the images you will be directed to Pixel's own page where you can order directly from them.  I do not control the pricing so the following are rough guides.  If you click on the images you will see the current price.


Dude Rug Yoga Mat (Circa $55, incl: yoga bag)

Create some deep angles of recline while moving into an Upward Facing Dude yoga asana.  This is a high-end yoga mat that comes included with a black yoga mat bag.  Printed Persian Kassbah rug, the same design as The Big Lebowksi rug.

Dude Rug Yoga Mat

*Please note that the back of the mat is black and not white. 

Dude Rug Phone Case Many Models (Circa $20)

A subtle way of letting other Dudes know that you are one of the holy brethren, or seestahood.  Breathe in relaxed vibes before making your next call.

Dude Rug Phone Case

Dude Rug Wall Tapestry (From Circa $35)

This wall hanging tapestry was born for a Dudeist priest's room.  It brings the whole altar together.  You can admire it's design from many different angles in your sanctuary.

Dude Rug Tapestry

Dude Rug Beach Towel (From Circa $30)

The beach, man.  That's a place for some serious chilling out and groovy laid back vibes.  Dig the scene with a Dude rug beach towel and catch the wandering eye of sun-worshipping yoginis.

Dude Rug Beach Towel

Dude Rug Bath & Hand Towels (From Circa $14)

Yep, you can drive your private parts with a Dude rug printed bath towel.  You can step out from your Dudeist shower curtain (below) and continue the peace ritual by easing your body into this holy relic of goodness.

Dude Rug Bath Towel 

Dude Rug Spiral Notebook (From Circa $12)

When you're too busy relaxing to work, you need a cool notebook to write down all those amazing thoughts you will have.  Acid flashbacks not required.

Dude Rug Spiral Notebook

Dude Rug Duvet Cover (From Circa $90)

Well, the bed is one of the most sacred places and it would seem rather remiss to not include a special rug recreation for it.  Take your nights of bliss to a new lazy level.  Stay in bed a few hours longer than you should.

Dude Rug Duvet Cover

Dude Rug Shower Curtain (Circa $60)

After a long hard day of slacking, freshening up is on every dude's mind, well some, well maybe one-or-two of them.  Close the curtain, sink into the bath, listen to whale music.

Dude Rug Shower Curtain