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7. The Dude, Rules, the Square Community, & What-not

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The Dude and rules, and all that shit...


You don't have to search too far to find a serious amount of tension in the world - you should do this, you shouldn't do that, you need to achieve this, you mustn't fail at that - blah blah blah, give it a rest. 

In Tune with the Flow


Well, the Dude just kinda sees this as noise, and anyone giving it out large is just showing a lack of connection with the flow.  When we are in tune with the flow, and we have learned to see that actually we don't need to do a darn thing to try to force something into being, it just comes of itself [the Dude Way], then a trust arises.


Everything's gonna be alright.


So, quit jabbering.


The Dude doesn't need a set of rules and obligations to be squeezed along the narrow path of righteousness.  In abiding with how things are the Dude is untroubled.

The Dude Way 


The Dude, whether that's a man or a woman, just follows their innate nature, their inner silence, their feeling of inherent calm.   This doesn't lead them off the path.  There isn't a path!  It just seems like it to those dishing out regulations.


Because the Dude follows his or her natural quiet it will at times appear that laws are being broken, that boundaries are being crossed, and that the societal chains of being "normal" are having their links broken.  That's not the Dude's fault.


Like a hobo dog that's just mooching along, doing its own thing, minding its own business, neither thinking about abiding, or hell, even doing much thinking, the Dude simply is.  Taking one step and then another, unaware of the destination but enjoying the journey.


While the undude square community are racing to one thing or another, scared to over-step a boundary, secretly admiring those that do, and god forbid, not breaking a law.  Of course, they are going to appear uptight if that old hobo rounds the corner showing them a chilled out way that's rather chipper, but of course, they will see it as an affront to what they think that they hold dear.


Oh dear.  In a society where there is a lack of trust, and where those in power feel the need to exert control, the Dude is going to inevitably come into conflict with that.  Not intentionally.  Not in a way that's like, hey man, I fuckin' hate the system.  The Dude doesn't even think of a system.

The Eye of the Storm


We might therefore see a different side to the Dude.  Driven by an innate sense of quiet, which often leads to a bewildered view of society and its actions, the Dude will lean towards the natural, be drawn away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and if that isn't possible, he or she will be like the eye of the hurricane, quietly doing their thing while chaos whirls around them.  And that will make them appear to like somethings over and above another.  And it could even lead a Dude to stand for one thing over another, and that might seem very undude-like.  But they will do it in a most Dudely manner.  And they will be the right person for their time and place.


We all have the peace within us, we each have the eye of the hurricane centered in the middle of life, and we all have the capacity to do the right thing at the right time.  We can choose to turn our attention to the calm, or to the chaos.


And if we can't find our inner calm, we can at least say, "Well, fuck it Dude".   


Peace and beer, peace and beer.  


The Reverend Thomo.




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