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6. The Dude's Natural Sense of Peace

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At ease with herself, the Dude holds the tranquillity of the forest and the deep silent mountain trails within.  Preferring to keep to the edge of a forced, over-reaching society, with its needs being met by artificial desires, her own wants are fulfilled by natural simplicity. 

Abiding with Life's Ups & Downs


She is watchful of the essential rhythms of life and abides with their outcomes without a sense of having to endure them.  She knows how forced abidance is in contrast with an easy indifference which stems from a mind that has seen through its own egotistical nature.  

And like the mountain stream that gently withdraws into the earth as the environment becomes harsh, only to appear stronger further down, the Dude has the natural patience to know that what is appearing in life will once again change.  The Dude sees that moments of chaos must return to stillness.  She understands how power must at some point transform into quietude when like a forceful gale, it blows itself out.

An Unassuming Dignity


For those in the presence of a Dude, they feel a natural sense of calm and a deep integrity whose source is rooted in something intangible.  Seemingly untroubled by failure and unimpressed with success the Dude appears to be moved by an unassuming dignity.

This pure honesty of facing life as it is, allows the Dude to ride the strikes and gutters of daily trials and tribulations.  She does not cling to particular outcomes nor is driven by a perception of how her "self" should be.  She takes it easy with a strength that allows her to face great difficulties with humility.

She might live in the city but her spirit rests in the mountains, quietly waiting for her return to the wilderness.

In the next blog post, we will look at how this deep integrity means that the Dude does not need to be concerned over rules and regulations, yet manages to live an impeccable life of highest sincerity.

Thanks once again for taking the time to read these posts.  I hope that you like them.




The Reverend Thomo.




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