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5. Who, or What, Controls the Dude?

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Control, or the lack of it, is a big issue for many people.  In fact, the more responsibility and the more power a person thinks that they have, the less comfortable they are with a lack of control, especially over others.

Controlling the Dude


The Dude is a person who confuses those who are in control.  It's not easy to see what floats the Dude's boat, and therefore it's not clear to know what such a person wants.

What can you give to someone who wants nothing?

What can you take away from someone who has very little to take?

For governments especially, a Dude is a tricky character.  Take for instance, many Chinese governments throughout history and the Daoist sage.  A Daoist was often seen as impulsive and spontaneous, which is a little difficult for someone else to control.  And of course, certain types of Daoists were regarded as people who influenced the public in such seemingly impulsive ways.  They were governed by a different order, a natural law, which doesn't quite fit mankind's laws.

What Does the Dude Rely On?


As we have seen, the Dude is largely untroubled by things that can bend everyone else out of shape.  He may appear rather aimless.  She might seem disinterested.  Why?  Well, because the Dude does not rely on outer circumstances for his or her strength.

The Dude isn't driven by status or success, or any self-centered objectives, the Dude is coming from a place of Silence where all his or her needs are met by chance.  In the same way that nature provides home for a bird, or ground for the tree, the Dude knows that to follow the natural way is to remain in balance, and when we are in harmony with nature we are also sustained by it.

When we take only enough we need little.

When we need little, we are free from many of the ties that bind society.

And when we are unbound, we are difficult to control... and yet, the Dude is mostly composed and unflappable.  It is the Dude's calm demeanour that shows uptight, tense, over-reactionaries, a different way.  But it is often a way that they do not understand.  And although he or she is least likely to need governing, people will still try to do it.


In the next blog post, we will be looking at the Dude and how his natural sense of peace gives him (or her) a deep integrity and courage.


Love and hugs to my fellow Dudeist priests and those interested in Dudeism.


The Reverend Thomo






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