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35. Why I'm a Dudeist - Part 2

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Okay, so I'm squeezing this one in knowing that I should be continuing the theme of seeing through the self and all that shit... but this needs to be said, and it's coming right out: 

Deadman Walking


Around seven years ago, I was interviewed by a website channel that specialises in enlightenment.  I was there with two others.  And last night, I happened to stumble across one of the videos of a lady who was being interviewed that day.  And I noticed that a guy had left a comment about me on the recording, and while he was right, it got me thinking...


A year or so after awakening, after being in this beautiful presence, I read a message on a forum that said "you have gone from the little self, to the big self... and you should forget both" - and somehow, though I didn't realise it at the time, I had to be right about this.  About my experience.


And I began to feel like a dead man walking.  Everything suddenly seemed pointless to me and I was going through life aimlessly and without interest in stuff.  And I was okay with this but nothing had meaning any more.


And at some point I realised that this wasn't really it.  Because "Life" is all things.  It might be pointless, and it may be meaningless, but it is also vibrant.  A deer in the forest isn't thinking about how meaningful life is, it is simply living it and mostly enjoying the experience of doing so.


Back to the comment that the guy left, he was into Neo-Advaita.  Had a list as long as your arm of the people he had studied under or been a disciple of.  And fair enough, what he said was true - there is a but...

Religious Bullshit in Disguise


He said, that if the mind believes life is pointless then this is how it will seem.  The pointlessness is actually a fullness, and in forgetting about there being a point or lack of it, then we can just be  - he said something like that.


And he is right.  So, I checked out his blog.  And it struck me that what he was saying, and particularly about other non-duality teachers, his sense of ego is in needing to be right.  Like there is something important about being accurate.


And this brings me to what I don't like about religion.  Someone always must be right, or more right than another. 

Just Noise, Man


When I read his blog, I thought "I'm sick of this shit.  It's just noise.  I want to be alone, to get down and sit in the middle of the flowers, and do nothing.  I don't want religion.  I don't want spirituality.  I don't want any of it.  It is all fucking noise."


And then in a flash, I saw that it is the Dude that sits among the flowers doing nothing.  Not trying to show that his view is more right than another.  Not trying to defend a religious point of view, or reinforce a spiritual notion of this or that.  


Just sitting among the flowers doing jack shit.


And that's why I like Dudeism.  And that's why I'm at peace with being a Dudeist priest - because it's a religion without being religious, its a spirituality without it being some kind of eastern thing, it's a fuck it dude, relax, stop blathering about imponderable shit and have a beer.


So, to the non-duality teachers out there who are trying to present themselves in a particular way to their audience, are defending a view, are taking it all too seriously, or are too careful choosing the correct words for people - here are two words for you, fuck you.  Fuck you all.  Go out and have a beer with your spiritual compeers.  Chill the fuck out.  Show your arse to world and say you know jack shit.


Give it up.


Give up your knowing.


Sit among the flowers.


Just sit.


That will teach people more than your fucking blathering.


Thanks Dudes.


Now I get back on track.


Until next time.


The Reverend Thomo


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