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22. Careful Man, There's a Beverage Here


So, here's my beef...


Telling people how they should be, and using a figurehead to do it...


For example, if we take a look at the Dao De Jing book to learn from Daoism's mistakes... we will see a lot of stuff in there about the Sage.  Okay, what's wrong with that?


The one thing that I don't like about Daoism but I do like about Dudeism, is that Daoism feels to me that it has become too much in the head, too much of a philosophy that so-called experts wax lyrical over, while Dudeism is more about living life.  Or am I waxing lyrical about Dudeism?  Sure I am, but I'm no expert.

The Early Days of Dudeism


It's an important time (in a kind of Dudeist unimportant, can't really be worried about that shit, way).  Dudeism is the slowest growing religion, and its Dudeist priests are about the laziest brothers and seestas of any religious clergy.  But we are in a golden era.  Really?  Yeah, sure thing.


Daoism has 2,500 years of telling people what a person should be like if they are to be the Sage.


And that kinda gets in the head.  You know?  80 verses of... well a Sage wouldn't do this, and a Sage would do that, and if a Sage follows this way then life's going to work out fine and dandy for everyone.


Yes, but the Dude man.  The Dude is just the Dude.  And Dudeism doesn't have 2,500 years of telling people how to be.  And we don't want that.  We don't want to confuse the Dude with ideas. 


Not the rug man, not the rug.

A Head Full of Mindfulness is Still a Head Full of Shit


The beverage here, is brevity, simplicity.  Like Daoism used to be before all the shiteaters got involved.


Like Buddhism was before the Buddha got off his sorry arse and moved away from the tree.


Don't muddy the waters with a head full of shit.


Abide + Taking It Easy + a Limber Mind = Dudeism


Meerkat Simples


We've got to be our own Dude, not the next Sage, not some part-time Buddha with his instant noodles.  We can be a limber minded, easier going, abiding version of ourselves.  And despite the fact that we might look up to the Dude in the movie, and we might quote Dudeist parlance just because it's right for our time and place... this doesn't mean we have an image in our head of how we should be.


Drop the image.  Drop all thoughts about the Dude.  Then Dudeness happens.


A smarter fella than myself once said, "When one remains without thinking one understands another by means of the universal language of silence." - Ramana Maharshi


Silence leads to the cosmic wisdom of Dudeness.


Time to scoot.  Shhhh.


The Reverend Thomo




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