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21. Cats are Dudes - They Aren't Busting Their Friggin Agates, Man

Dude Cat in Green Grass


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Well, this isn't going to come as a huge surprise for most of us, yeah, cats are cool, but let's take a closer look at these little Dudeley tearaways.


When I got the amazing idea to write this incredible piece of Shakespeare, I was in a local park with my son.  While he was playing on some spin around thing, I was lounging under some tall trees, gazing up at the blue sky with tiny wisps of summery clouds drifting by.  A soft warm breeze against my face as all those tiny muscles that had been forcing themselves to deal with a full-on tense day, had begun to relax.

28 degrees.  Perfect.


And right then, at that moment, I was no different than a cat, preening its whiskers in the dappled light of a glorious July day.


Nothing to do but squint up at the sun and listen to my boy doing his stuff.


Yes, cats have got it right.


They spread their toes, lick their ass, and generally do what the hell they want, and manage to look cool as they do so.


Well, I ain't licking my own ass (debatable) but I'm sure going to take a lesson from my furry brothers in being seriously calmer than most of mankind.


If the Dude had Whiskers


Goatee aside, the Dude is like a cat.  Have you noticed in The Big Lebowski how Jeff Bridge's character, the Dude, reclines like a cat?  Whatever seat he's on, whether before the rather tense millionaire Lebowski, or cruising in his beat up car, he's just taking it easy for all us sinners.


Lingonberry pancakes man, Lingonberry pancakes.


Gotta get me more of that.


And I'm here, under the tree, dishing up sweetness.


Taking it easy.  Dudeing a little stretch here and there.  Sliding into a nice Upward Lazing Dude yoga asana.


The one difference is that a cat is always like this, and me, well I get to grab a few minutes here and there before life catches up with my mellowness and tries to deliver some shit to do.


But when it comes, man.  Oh, yes.  Like finding pearls in the deep dark sea.


I could be a cat.  Flick my shit out of the tray just because I can.


Dudeism.  Kinda reminds us to be more like cats now and then.


Amen to that.


So help me, Dude.


The Reverend Thomo





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